What the martian can teach recruiters

Recruiting is something that many folks simply fall into. While some of us are naturally gifted and others need a bit more polish the truth is, there are basics that everyone needs to learn. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of talent recruitment.

The secret recruitment sauce is like any other recipe, it changes subtly over time. It may have different high and low notes depending on the chef, but there are some tried and true skills that must be mastered, whether you’re a talent natural or a martian just landed,

Here is a tip on recruiting best practices:

Look Forward Always

It’s not enough to respond to the job market of today. You also need to look forward to the needs of your clients for the next few years. Recruiters aren’t psychic of course, but they can use analytical tools to predict where the job market is going and look to the future for these jobs. Predictive tools can be a recruiter’s most powerful weapon, allowing us to anticipate our client’s needs and see the next big thing coming in the job market.

Use Simple Marketing Strategies

Recruiting has a lot in common with sales. As recruiters, we market both the candidates and the clients. Instead of getting caught up in the industry details, try to think of the job from a sales perspective. E.g. think of the clients as a brand, and ask yourself if you are doing all you can to promote that client’s employment brand. When it comes to the candidates, they are each their own brand as well because each one has unique skills and appeal to certain audiences. Don’t be too afraid to research into marketing topics, resources and techniques. You may find a nugget of wisdom that can help you be a better recruiter.